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Wolves and Wolf-dogs at Runs With Wolves Sanctuary in Limington, Maine.

I have always had a strong affiliation with wolves since I was young. It was almost an obsession, though it has mellowed over time. (Growing-up what a pain). Recently I went up to the Sanctuary with my fellow photography student and went into the pen with these beauts. It’s nothing to be afraid of, almost everything people have taught you about them is wrong. Since these guys were rescued from captivity they are friendlier and approach you. When you interact with them you need to know they will treat you like one of them. Normal wild wolves will keep a distance and be skittish around you.

Onward: It was a very hot day and all the wolves were being really lazy. (They are much more active when it’s cold out) We were able to coax them into howling, but otherwise they just loitered around. Last winter we could run with them and get them moving. They were also shedding a lot, so we spent quite a bit of time picking out little tufts of fur (picture 4).

In order of appearance: Anoki(pure grey wolf), Dakota(wolf-dog, half malamute), Lomasi(pure grey wolf, Anoki’s sister), my friend, and Loon(wolf-dog, half husky).

Shadow(wolf-dog, half malamute) was too lazy to come out of her pen/box, thus no photos of her this time. Also Dakota’s eyes are a unique color because he is blind.

Learn more about them at: Runs With Wolves Sanctuary


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